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Current Specialities

Our menu comes along with the following seasonal specialities...
Our chef Thorsten Meyer recommends from 24th November onwards:


Goose Classics
Giblet soup
EUR 5,50
Vesper, a snack consisting of fresh goose's greaves lard, Knackwurst and hand cheese “Harzer”, 
served with dark bread
EUR 10,50
Roasted duck’s breast in orange sauce, 
served with red cabbage and Duchess Potatoes
EUR 18,90
“The best of the goose from breast and club” 
with spicy red cabbage (prepared with apples), fine green cabbage, potato dumpling or potatoes 
(beforehand we serve a giblet soup)
EUR 25,90
Apple strudel served with punch figs 
comes with baked apple & vanilla ice-cream
EUR 7,50
“Whole Goose“ - please order in advance - we prepare 
for you a whole goose, which comes with spicy red 
cabbage (prepared with apples), fine green cabbage, 
potato dumplings and potatoes
EUR 99,00
We also serve our “Goose on the whole“ as take away - to go!
 For reservations, please call 030 / 88413 448 - you are welcome!
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