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Entrecôte steak
marinated and fried until blushing pink with a green pepper sauce,
served with fried potatoes and a small salad
EUR 19,90
Marinated lamb skewer
in beer’s garlic gravy
on a bed of spicy beans and rosemary potatoes
EUR 17,20
Wiener Schnitzel
the very finest cut from a leg of veal,
served with homemade potato salad
EUR 16,90
Knuckle of pork
crisply baked, on a bed of malt beer sauce
served with Bavarian cabbage and bread dumplings
EUR 13,90
Mushroom Ragout
on truffled mashed potatoes and rocket salad
EUR 15,90
Bell pepper
filled with vegetables and bulgur,
on a spicy tomato sauce and herb rice 


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