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Distance from hotel: 4.9 km

The Botanical Gardens

The oldest Botanical Gardens in Germany with more than 22.000 different species of trees, shrubbery, plants and flowers.

Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, Dahlem
Telephone: 838 50 100
Opening hours: daily as of 9.00 a.m. until dusk
Nearest S – Bahn station: Botanischer Garten or S-Bahn and Underground stations: Rathaus Steglitz, Buses 101,183
Our daily best rates
 Single Double
29.09. Thu.  sold out    €109
30.09. Fri.  sold out    sold out
01.10. Sat.  sold out    €83
02.10. Sun.  €53    €59
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Time:  20:35
Thu, 29.09. 25°C/77 F  
Fri, 30.09. 20°C/68 F  
Sat, 01.10. 17°C/63 F  
Distances from hotel
Centre 0.0 km
Fair 4.0 km
Trainstation 4.8 km
Airport 6.2 km
Freeway 1.2 km
University 1.8 km
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